Oh. Em. Gee.

Has anyone else noticed that there are ZERO attractive camera bags available? Seriously. For someone like me, who is extremely fashion oriented, this is a big problem. I don’t see why, just because I’m lugging around a bunch of camera gear, I should not at least be able to look good.

I’ve considered finding a regular bag that I like and then making my own adjustments, adding padding, etc. to use it as a camera bag…though I still worry it might not provide enough protection for expensive equipment. However, Karl or Marc, if you’re up to the task of designing one please do give me a call asap.

Currently my best option is looking like a Billingham bag:

Billingham Camera Bags

Billingham Camera Bags

These are by far some of the nicest looking bags I’ve been able to find, aside from the Jill-e bags, which, while nice looking felt a bit awkward and heavy to carry around.

I’m being such a girl about this, right? Perhaps I should just design my own…

What kind of bag do you use to carry your camera equipment?

Now to relax with a little SOJA…night.


About Brandie

I'm a freelance photographer based in Paris.
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2 Responses to Oh. Em. Gee.

  1. James says:

    A photographer friend of mine spent weeks trying to find a suitable camera bag. Suffering the same problem, she settled for the Tamrac Express 7. It’s not what you might call pretty, but it is a lot less ugly than some of the others out there.

    It houses an SLR, a bounce flash, a point-and-shoot, and extra batteries galore. She’s used it for a year now and it has been great.


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