Show Time

With NY FW wrapped up and London FW well underway with Milan and Paris soon to come, it’s always interesting to check out the latest agency show packages. Sometimes they’re fairly straightforward, but often they come up with some rather creative ideas to show off their models while keeping things interesting. I’m loving the comic-esque portfolio photos for the SS 2010 models of Women Paris:

Iselino of Women Paris via Fashionologie

Iselin of Women Paris via Fashionologie

And the Sin City inspired photos from WM:

Csilla of WM via Fashionologie

Csilla of WM via Fashionologie

The creative design of these is pretty fantastic. Of course, I’m a big fan of the Sin City film, and these high-contrast photos are edgy and  definitely give a unique look to the show package. Though, this would have been a great supplement around two (?) years back for the Met Gala when the exhibit featured superheroes.

Anyone know who did the photography/photo editing on these?

Check out the full gallery of photos at Fashionologie.


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