Black and White and Red All Over

As promised, here is a sneak peek at my recent fashion shoot:


Vanessa, Art Studio

As the caption indicates, I shot this in one of the art studios. Only one strobe with a soft box was used for lighting, at an angle on the left side. I shot in both RAW and JPG simultaneously, but this is the JPG purely for size reasons. I have to say there was definitely a noticeable difference between what the RAW image captured vs. the JPG image. I had two great stylists, Yolanda and Yanina, and our model, Vanessa, was great as well.

So, unfortunately we had to move out of the art studio into another location, and I had so loved the above painting as the background. However, I think the background we ended up using worked out nicely:


Vanessa, Graffiti Room

While you might think the graffiti room as a background a bit busy, I think it complimented the look we were going for and the clothing that was used. The main challenge shooting in this particular room was the size, which was incredibly tiny so there wasn’t a lot of room to move around. It’s sort of divided into four “stations” on either side of the room, used for air brushing, painting, etc. for art students. So each station is basically composed of three stone walls and the raised “table top” area for working, almost box-like. For this shot I actually had Vanessa standing in one of the work station areas while I stood directly across from her in another station.

Overall I shot a total of four “looks” or outfits. The stylists were going for a modern look with a focus on bold shoulders. For now I’m just going to reveal this first look as there are many photos to go through, but I think I got some great results.

Let me know what you think!


About Brandie

I'm a freelance photographer based in Paris.
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