One Fine Day

It’s a good day when you wake up, the rain has stopped and left a perfectly lovely Fall day in its’ wake. Of course, we should nearly be getting into Winter with all of the Christmas decor going up, ice skating season open and the coats coming out. But I’ll take a day like today anytime. Just beautiful outside, and perfect for getting out to take some photos of the leaves falling and seasons changing. Central Park is always great for photos, if a bit over crowded on a day with such lovely weather. I noticed several others out in the park for photo sessions, engagement, wedding, etc. Me, I was just out for fun.

Tree Carving

Tree Carving, Central Park (c) Brandie Raasch Photography

Walking along I was passing by this tree when I noticed all of the carved signatures etched into it. I have a particularly fascination with textures so I happen to like things like this, and I also thought it rather unique because for whatever reason, so many people had chosen this one tree to sign, and not any other.


Wrapped Up in a Bubble

If you live in, or have even just visited NY, you know that people sell anything and everything. A very common and simple best-seller for kids is often some sort of bubble making device.


Jump for Joy, Central Park (c) Brandie Raasch Photography

Usually either those that produce very large bubbles, or those that act almost as micro bubble-making machines and create lots of smaller bubbles. I guess the nice weather brought these out today because I spotted several, and, like a six year old kid was fascinated by them and took some photos. The above seemed to be following me, I had to get out of the way before it blew up in my camera’s lens.

And as I mentioned, there were also some wedding sessions taking place:


On the Steps, Central Park (c) Brandie Raasch Photography

This wasn’t MY wedding session of course, but I couldn’t help myself and had to sneak a few of my own. I actually shot this from above, standing on top of a bridge and looking down as they were passing below.


The Bride, Central Park (c) Brandie Raasch Photography

Another bride, shot below the bridge that I’d been standing on before. It was dark but the light actually turned out to be fine and I didn’t even have a flash with me, but I was shooting with an f2.8 lens.

Ah well, that was my day. One week countdown begins and then I’m off to start Thanksgiving festivities with the fam!



About Brandie

I'm a freelance photographer based in Paris.
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