Weekend Wrap-Up: SNL

Anyone have a chance to watch the last SNL episode of the decade? James Franco hosted (yes, I’m a fan) though I have to admit I was mostly excited to see Muse perform. They did not disappoint! If a U.S. tour ever brings them to NYC I’m so there. J. Franco didn’t too badly either given the material, in fact several of the skits were actually pretty funny. It’s been quite some time since I’ve actually sat down to watch an episode of SNL actually, so long in fact that I don’t think I’d ever seen the “Mark Wahlberg Talks to Animals” skit (say hi to your mother for me). Hahaha.

Anyway, having watched this episode I was reminded of photographer Mary Ellen Matthews‘ work that I recently came across via NOTCOT. Her background is interesting, first starting out in production work. However, the last decade she’s been a portrait photographer, working to create all of Saturday Night Live’s portrait stills.

James Franco (c) Mary Ellen Matthews, Jed Root

Of course I’ve always thought these photos, which we always see as billboards between commercial breaks , were unique in their style.

The Shins, Mary Ellen Matthews, Jed Root

Anna Faris, Mary Ellen Matthews, Jed Root

Whether she’s shooting a regular celebrity portrait or an SNL portrait, I think you can really see her style come through in her work. Many of them have an almost posterized look to them, with vibrant while also somewhat muted colors.

Matthews also has some great editorial and advertising work. Check it out at Jed Root.

Happy Holidays!


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3 Responses to Weekend Wrap-Up: SNL

  1. James says:

    I often watch SNL, and I had a chance to catch the latest episode. I normally catch them on the DVR, but I always stop fast-forwarding soon enough to catch the portraits.

    While I never actively searched for the person responsible for them, it’s very cool to find out.


  2. Brandie says:

    Thanks James! It was definitely an interesting find for me as well.

    Happy Holidays!


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