And the Beat Goes On…

Happy New Year everyone! I rang in 2010 at Le Poisson Rouge, anyone else do anything exciting to ring in the new year?

Kind of crazy when I realize that a decade has come to an end, and thinking back on this past decade is a little odd when I consider all that has happened. Ugh, and it makes me feel older. But, I’m all for looking to the future and not the past…I actually have found it rather annoying that every time I turn on the television there’s some sort of countdown or look back at 2009 or the last decade, etc. Anyway, I can honestly say I’m looking forward to a new year and hopefully new changes.

Apologies for my lack of posting the past two weeks. Life caught up with me and I got a bit distracted with the holidays, travel and visiting with the fam. I hope everyone reading this enjoyed your holiday festivities and merriment. I know I did.

I meant to post a few photos that I snapped while out and about, but obviously didn’t get around to it so here are a few:

Ornament Decor, Union Square Holiday Market

I love walking around the holiday markets in the city. I made it to the Union Square market and snapped a few photos, and briefly checked out the market in Bryant Park but didn’t have enough time there.

Union Square Holiday Market, NYC 2009

I sort of thought some of these had a “Burton-eqsque” vibe going on.

Mirrored View, Union Square Holiday Market, NYC 2009

Gift Shopping, Union Square Holiday Market, NYC 2009

Gift Shopping, Union Sq. Holiday Market, NYC 2009

Cookies, Union Sq. Holiday Market, NYC 2009

I have a fondness…or perhaps weakness, for cookies and desserts. The Golden Triangle was full of mango, coconut and chocolatey deliciousness. Yum!

More photos to come soon, as well as those from my holiday time in Ohio.

Happy first day of 2010!


About Brandie

I'm a freelance photographer based in Paris.
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