Music and Lyrics…and Photos

Ever considered the musical quality of a photo before? I can’t say that I ever have, one being visual and the other auditory, but it’s certainly an interesting concept.

And now it’s also a reality. I came across an article on PSFK today about software that actually creates sound from photos.

The software, Photosounder, analyzes image data to create sound. It’s all very scientific and much too complicated for me to explain algorithms and such I’m sure, so just check it out:

Although these are synthesized sounds, I really felt while watching the video, that the sounds created truly fit the photo or fractal image. This photo for example:

Screen Grab, The Sound of Fractals and Photographs @ YouTube

Looking at that photo and listening to the audio that played, that was created from the photo itself, I couldn’t help feeling it seemed so fitting for the image. I immediately thought of this as some sort of windy, middle-of-nowhere, abandoned and quite possibly haunted, ghost town.

Thinking on this a bit more, I suppose the really interesting part of all this is the fact that we’re talking about actually creating sound from a still image. However, the idea of putting audio and image together, as in video is nothing new. Can you imagine watching a film with no soundtrack? Makes a big difference.

I’m not sure how much the software costs but I’d be interested in trying it out. I am slightly curious as to how one of my own photos might sound. You can get more info at


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I'm a freelance photographer based in Paris.
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