A Case for the Photoshop of Horrors

As in anything, in photography, and particularly when it comes to fashion photography, it’s in the editing process that things can go awry.

We all know that Photoshop is used, generally to enhance images. We see it on magazine covers and in advertisements, but sometimes very obvious mistakes are made. Some of you may recall the hullabaloo caused by the appearance of this image for Ralph Lauren:

Model Filippa Hamilton for Ralph Lauren via Jezebel

Her appearance looks anything but natural. This often happens, slimming an arm here and a leg there and before you know, the model has been whittled down to barely a wisp.

Sometimes, as with the above case these Photoshop disasters are just unfortunate and other times, it makes me stop and have to scratch my head for a minute…because what were they thinking? So I ask you, WHY would anyone want to chop off the lovely Emma Watson’s leg?

Burberry SS10 Ad via Burberry

The above image is one of several recently released for Burberry’s Spring 2010 ad campaign shot by Mario Testino. Now, I imagine when this photo was actually shot by Mr. Testino, that Ms. Watson had herself a full leg. This is a screen grab directly from the images currently running on the US Burberry website. Am I the only person who thinks this image looks bizarre? Are we to assume that the entire rest of her leg is hiding behind his white pants?

What say you? Photoshop of Horrors or work of art?


About Brandie

I'm a freelance photographer based in Paris.
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