Wintry Weather

I’ve had a bit of a cold this past week/weekend which is never fun. Always makes me feel terribly unproductive. I did get brunch in with A as well as a housewarming party. My new lighting kit also got here! It was on my Christmas list and now I can finally play with it.

Anyway, as promised here are some photos taken during my holiday vacation:


Star is the younger of two cats in the house. She’s quite a silly little (or not so little anymore!) thing.

Silent Tree House

This was taken on the side of a road. It’s sort of an odd, dilapidated little tree house, or at least I suppose it was meant to be a tree house at one time. I’m not sure it’s used anymore.

All Lit Up

One of my favorite things about the holidays is seeing all the lights go up and everything looks bright and shiny and happy.

Blurry, Starry, Night

You may think this was a mistake, but actually I shot the above with the blurred/out of focus perspective on purpose simply because I kind of like it. It’s actually a close up of some lights on the tree inside.

You Can't Catch Me, I'm the Gingerbread Man

I think I’ve mentioned I’m pretty fond of sweets, and I absolute love to bake, particularly around the holidays. So, cookies are always a must! I decorated the above sugar cookie “gingerbread” man. Like? Also in the photo are some coconut jam thumbprints, a personal favorite of mine, as well as a snickerdoodle. My sis helped with the baking process which also included some chewy chocolate gingerbread cookies, peanut butter kiss cookies, mint fudge and cranberry-pistachio fudge. This is making me hungry…

We Like to Play

Dogs frolicking in the snow. Oh what fun.

Blowing in the Wind

I went outside for a bit on a VERY cold and windy day and shot this close-up of some of the garden plants, now dried and dying in the cold weather.

There are more photos of course, unfortunately I can’t put them all on here, and why would anyone want me to? That would make for quite a long post. I haven’t updated my Flickr in quite some time so I think I’ll try to get that done soon and add an expanded view.

Is it bad that I’m already looking forward to the upcoming three-day weekend? Ah, well. Happy Monday everyone!


About Brandie

I'm a freelance photographer based in Paris.
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