Polaroid Goes Gaga

In a rather unexpected move, it was announced last week at CES that Polaroid had selected none other than Lady Gaga as Creative Director.

The official press release can be found on the Polaroid site. And Gaga has the business cards to prove it:

Lady Gaga TwitPic via BuzzFeed

This is definitely an interesting opportunity. 2009 was a big year for Gaga and so far it doesn’t look like 2010 will see her popularity wane anytime soon. Of course it’s too soon to tell if this Polaroid/Gaga collaboration will be a fruitful relationship or if it will essentially boil down to a publicity stunt. It wasn’t long ago Polaroid had decided to halt production on anymore of the original Polaroid instant film. It’s fair to say the company has certainly been looking into some possible rebranding and rebooting for their image and the niche they carved for themselves.

Personally, I’m pretty excited to see what this pairing brings about. I’m a big fan of Polaroid photos AND Lady Gaga (side note: I sadly did not get tix to her NYC shows…that’s right, all 4 sold out) so I can’t wait to see what line of products they’ll put out together.

What does everything else think about Gaga and her new title?


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I'm a freelance photographer based in Paris.
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