In Post-Production: The Tablet

For sometime now I’ve been considering the possibility of getting a graphic tablet. Why? Well, mainly because I think it would be rather handy for post-production work. Using my MacBook Pro’s touch pad when working in Photoshop can end up being a rather tedious process. So, finally I made a decision and plan to pick it up at Adorama tomorrow:

Image via ZDNet

The Wacom Intuos4 series tablet. Wacom is probably one of the best known tablet makers around. They offer a few different series depending on the type of work you might be doing and ranging from more affordable options to much more specialized/professional models (read: more expensive). I’m going with the small Intuos4 priced at $229 most places but I should note that Adorama is actually offering it for $199. Small savings, yet, but enough to treat yourself to that $24 pre-fixe restaurant week lunch, a few cups of City Bakery’s hot chocolate for the festival this month or perhaps a pancake dinner at Clinton Street Baking Co. I know, foodie much? Full confession: I’ve already had a sliver of cake AND a blondie today, and I have a semi-vegan chocolate mousse waiting for me at home. Ugh, somebody stop me.

Hmm, sorry that was getting really off track. Back to the tablet, I’m pretty excited to try it out. I did some research and also asked my cousin, who happens to be a storyboard artist, for advice on the best tablet option and I think the Intuos4 will work well for me. As I said, I’m opting for the small, though they also have medium and large options, because I tend to like things that are light and fairly portable. Here’s something interesting I just happened to read today as well, via ZDNet, Wacom is apparently releasing an upgraded version with Bluetooth. I admit, having a fully wireless version would be nice, but it’s an extra $50 and only comes in the medium size. Since I only read about this today I don’t believe I’ll be getting this new version, but it could be something to look into.

Is anyone else a current tablet user? Or does anyone have other post-production equipment that you prefer?

I’m always open to suggestions.

Also, I’ve been thinking about several ideas lately, one being the possibility of trying to contact various photographers, perhaps mostly working in fashion, but other mediums might be interesting as well, to do a sort of interview series. Thoughts? Personally I always love hearing about others experiences, how they got started, etc. and find it extremely helpful to be able to learn from them.

Other ideas I’m considering but haven’t quite figured out so I won’t go into details just yet. In the meantime I have a photo shoot set up for Saturday which is exciting. I’ll be submitting them to a contest for which I’ll post the details later and I hope everyone reading will vote for me đŸ™‚


Update: Don’t forget, Fashion Week takes NY coming soon! FFW2010 Feb. 11 – 18 will be the LAST season to see Bryant Park. Not yet sure if I’ll be shooting anything but would definitely love to so we’ll see. Fingers crossed!

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I'm a freelance photographer based in Paris.
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  1. Helen Oster says:

    Thanks for being a great Adorama customer! Please don’t hesitate to contact me directly if you are in need of after-sales support or advice!

    Helen Oster

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