To Be Blunt

© Ruven Afanador for LA Times Magazine

Came across this shoot for LA Times Magazine of Emily Blunt.

It was shot by photographer Ruven Afanador who is well-known for fashion editorial and celebrity photography. I did a Google search for additional images by Afanador and his work is really stunning.

I particularly like his use of color tones such as those of Blunt. The overall neutral tone gives the photos a very unique quality. More than a sepia coloring, the effect appears more de-saturated nude. Absolutely lovely.

The coloring in his photos of Blunt reminds me a bit of that in another spread Alfanador shot:

© Ruven Afanador via Smokeye

You can check out the rest of the spread at Smokeye. The concept for the shoot is also quite interesting, themed around Evolution.

Ah, to have the luxury of fantastic, exquisite, complex sets as backdrops! One day, it will happen, one day…

In the meantime I’ll have to settle for make-shift sets and borrowed “sets” with the help of my lovely friends.

I hope everyone is staying warm inside today! NYC finally got an actual blizzardy mess of snow today.


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  1. Those pictures look awesome.

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