Eh, Eh, Nothin’ Else I Can Say

Since my mind is still on all things fashion, I wanted to mention a great photo piece I came across around NY Fall Fashion Week. Shot by Gabrielle Revere for, the photo story follows current “It” model, Lindsey Wixson. At just 15 years old this girl has walked the runways of some of the biggest names in fashion and landed incredible ad campaigns.

Lindsey Wixson for Miu Miu

She’s the current face of Miu Miu (ad at the left) and I’m sure many more will come (though it sounds like her agency is playing it cool right now which is a good thing…Karlie Kloss over-exposure anyone?). On a bit of a side note, I feel a sort kinship with these midwestern girls, being one myself. KK is from St. Louis, MO, LW is from Wichita, KS and as for me, I hail from Lawrence, KS. So, there’s some common ground.

But I digress, back to the photo story. Revere followed Wixson to castings, fittings and of course, shows, and I think the piece turned out quite nicely. The photos are merely observations of a rather chaotic week in the life of this young girl, but they’re beautiful and allow us all to observe along with the photographer.

You can check it out here.



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