Shoot Day!

Luckily my shoot this past Sunday was a success and (almost) nothing went wrong. I know, I know, what is it with me and accidents on my photo shoots? More on that in a bit…

We shot in the financial district. You might think that isn’t such a great location, nothing but buildings, etc. but actually it made a great background setting for the photos. There are a few little side streets just after Broad St. with cobblestones. I discovered this when I went out location scouting a few backs. You’d be amazing, these little streets look amazingly like something you’d see on a film set depicting someplace in Europe. The architecture, the streets, everything about it. I’m going over the photos this week but here’s a sneak peek:

Models: Johan and Anne-Amélie, Designs: Blaise Kavanagh © Brandie Raasch Photography

The models were great to work with. Originally I had scheduled this shoot for last weekend, but NYC had a downpour all weekend so conditions weren’t great for an outdoor shoot. Luckily Johan was able to reschedule and I found Anne-Amélie to replace the model I had originally scheduled. My stylist, JoAnne, came through with some great designs for AA to wear by Blaise Kavanagh. Really great, wearable pieces that I could even see myself in. Kimberly, a make-up artist JoAnne knew of came through for me the day before and was able to help out on the shoot as well which was fantastic. So a big thank you to everyone for a great shoot!

Now, my minor accident…I really wanted a particular angle for a certain shot and I just wasn’t high enough. I spotted a brick semi-wall and decided I could climb up onto it to be able to shoot at a higher angle. As I did this, my jeans ripped! Ugh, such a disappointment. They were my favorite pair. If anyone happens to find a pair of Joe’s Jeans, Chelsea Skinny style in the Reed wash let me know! So, there you have it. Let’s  hope it was worth it.

I’m hoping to wrap up selecting and editing these photos because I’m already thinking about my next shoot, which I’m hoping to do in two weeks. JoAnne has agreed to style it for me as well and I’m super excited about the concept for this one.



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I'm a freelance photographer based in Paris.
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