Things That Make You Go Hmm…

Via Gawker, I came across a YouTube demo from one of the product managers on the Photoshop team. After watching this video, I have to say I am beyond excited for CS5. The new content-aware tool featured in the demo is amazing:

Are you excited? I can’t wait to get my hands on this. The content-aware tool will make it SO much easier to edit faster and in a much more seamless manner. If you currently use Photoshop to edit, then you probably know that trying to remove objects and actually make it look good is difficult and can take quite a lot of time. Being able to select an object with content-aware and have it automatically replace the background or even fill in missing background information is a fantastic feature.

Is there a release date on the updated version yet? From the video it sounds like they aren’t planning on releasing it anytime soon, but I’ll definitely be keeping my eyes open for CS5.


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