Au Revoir Paris

After a fantastic trip I have finally returned to New York! I got rather lucky actually. The volcano eruption in Iceland caused my flight to Dublin to get cancelled this morning. It seemed all flights, going north at least, were grounded for the time being because of the cloud of ash in the air. However, as my final destination was in the US, and at the time those were still leaving, I was able to get re-booked on a direct flight to NY.

Anyhow, the majority of my trip was spent consuming all sorts of delicious Parisian food offerings. L’As du Falafel, la glace from Berthillon and high tea at the Ritz being just a few.

Of course I made time for some sight seeing I hadn’t done before. In particular, I have a fascination with visiting the cemeteries in Paris. I’ve previously been to Père Lachaise which is absolutely beautiful. This time around I decided to visit the Montparnasse Cemetery. It was a rather chilly day outside when I went but I find cemeteries quite peaceful to walk through and still wanted to go. Number 1 on my list of who to visit was Man Ray. I’m a great admirer of his work, especially in photography and plodded my way through the grounds until I found where he now rests.

Man Ray & Juliet, Montparnasse Cemetery, Paris, FR © Brandie Raasch 2010

During his time in Paris, Man Ray was surrounded by a circle of artists including James Joyce, Jean Cocteau and Gertrude Stein, who posed for him. It’s amazing now to think about the collaboration between artists at the time. I love the idea of camaraderie there seemed to be between them all and their willingness to help one another in their creative ventures. At times, the present creative world seems to be so competitive that it seems the same feeling is rare to come by.

That said, I reached out to an American photographer, Randy Harris, who has been living in Paris for a little over a year now.

Place Colette, Paris, FR © Brandie Raasch 2010

My friend, M, had actually mentioned him to me because he does photo tours in Paris. He was kind enough to take some time out of his busy schedule to meet with me and it was great to talk to another photographer, get some advice and insight into the business.

I also tried to track down Paolo Roversi who has a studio in Paris, but alas, no one seemed to be around when I arrived at the studio and there was no doorbell to be rung. Prior to my trip I had emailed the only contact I could find for him, Vincent Simonet, who represents Mr. Roversi. I never got a response, not that I really expected I would, but one can hope and I decided to try going by the studio anyway.

Tour Eiffel, Paris, FR © Brandie Raasch 2010

Overall I had a lovely time in Paris, visiting with old and new friends, checking out exhibits, taking photos and feeling that easy breezy sense of calm that only comes from life in Paris.


About Brandie

I'm a freelance photographer based in Paris.
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