Mr. Bang Bang @ The Monster Ball

Yeah, I don’t know. Couldn’t think of anything better to title this post I guess so deal with it ūüôā Actually though, on a personal note, I DID get to go see Lady Gaga at MSG last night, FINALLY. Great way to wrap up a (sort of) long, lovely Fourth of July holiday weekend. It’s been a while, yet again but I hope you had an enjoyable weekend as well and ¬†hopefully you, dear readers, are not stuck in NYC right now sweltering in this heatwave WITHOUT A/C as I am currently. So, while I sit here with my fan blowing hot air around my room I thought I’d at least share some festive Independence Day photos with you all. Enjoy:

White Balsamic Custard Tart © Brandie Raasch 2010

Also, I should note I recently discovered the “Retro Camera” app on my EVO and have been playing with it considerably as you may start to notice. Recipe for the custard tart can be found here. First, I did not actually make pastry dough for the crust, but rather purchased a frozen pie crust to speed up the process (apparently they don’t make frozen tart shaped crusts?). Who knew? Also note, should you attempt to make this, it requires you to boil vinegar. Doing this WILL make your house, apartment, living quarters…you get the point…smell like vinegar. A lot. So, be prepared. Other than that, it was pretty delicious.

"Fire Starters" © Brandie Raasch 2010

And, what would the Fourth of July be without some sparkly fireworks to view.

Explosion in Red © Brandie Raasch 2010

Multi-Color Burst © Brandie Raasch 2010

Technically, these next few were the day after but they’re fun images from the Chihuly Illuminated exhibit at the Columbus Museum of Art.

Chihuly Illuminated Exhibit, Columbus Museum of Art © Brandie Raasch 2010

Chihuly Illuminated Exhibit, Columbus Museum of Art © Brandie Raasch 2010

I PROMISE very soon I will have some lookbook photos to share with you! Just putting a few finishing touches on the cover and then I will make the finale reveal.


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I'm a freelance photographer based in Paris.
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