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RIP: Corinne Day

It’s sad when a great photographer passes at a young age. Corinne Day‘s death, at just 45, has been confirmed according to The Cut, due to “a long battle with a brain tumor.” Day, a self-taught photographer, is credited as … Continue reading

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Street Style: Model, SoHo

In my previous post I mentioned that I was working on doing some more street style photography. It seems like something that should be quite easy and yet isn’t really at all. For one thing, on a given day you … Continue reading

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Trends in Fashion Photography

Trends crop up pretty often all over the place. Be it trends in culture, in society, in food, in technology or, one of the most obvious, in fashion. Fashion trends are often easy to pick up on because they’re highly … Continue reading

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Summer in the City

This weekend was a mostly fantastic weekend. Saturday was absolutely beautiful outside, Sunday unfortunately turned rainy. Luckily, I got some shooting in. This time strictly for fun, and focusing on something a little different: nature. I decided to visit the … Continue reading

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The Self-Portrait #2

Today I came across this article on Cool Hunting about the exhibit, “Incognito: The Hidden Self-Portrait,” currently on display at Yancey Richardson Gallery in the city. The artists represented in the exhibit shot themselves indirectly, rather than facing the camera. … Continue reading

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Take My Picture: Photogs On TV

A little late in the game, but thanks to the magnificence that is Netflix, I’ve recently been watching Veronica Mars. If you watched the show when it was on air then you know the premise, Ms. Mars, high school student … Continue reading

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