The Self-Portrait #2

Today I came across this article on Cool Hunting about the exhibit, “Incognito: The Hidden Self-Portrait,” currently on display at Yancey Richardson Gallery in the city.

"Matthew", 1963 by Kenneth Josephson. Image via Cool Hunting.

The artists represented in the exhibit shot themselves indirectly, rather than facing the camera.

I quite like the hidden self-portrait by Kenneth Josephson. I’m sure many of you, like myself, have experimented with photographing your own or another’s shadow. Josephson’s image, in my opinion, is a great example of this done the right way.

However, what first struck me was this image by Lisa Kereszi

"Thrilling, Neon Sign, Niagara Falls, Canada", 2005 by Lisa Kereszi. Image via Cool Hunting.

that is very similar to an image I shot of myself a few years ago in Columbus. Thinking back on it, how I shot myself was most definitely a deliberate self-portrait. I first noticed the neon sign, and upon nearing the bar/restaurant realized how clear my reflection came across in the window.

"Wine, Tapas, Fun - Columbus, OH" © Brandie Raasch

Not only that, but I found the message particularly fitting for me at the time, “Wine, Tapas, Fun.” Could anything be more perfect?

I wouldn’t be surprised to find that many of you have also taken similar photos, capturing your image in a window such as this. The difference between these and a snapshot? Well, did you think about it? Did you even notice that your reflection was in view or were you merely shooting the window display? That is the difference, consciously making the decision to shoot the photo as a self-portrait, because you recognize it as a self-portrait.

What do you think about these hidden self-portraits?



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