Jazz Age Lawn Party: Governors Island

Before I throw myself into the beautiful chaos of SS2011 Fashion Week, I realized I’ve completely forgotten to share some of my photos from the Jazz Age Lawn Party out on Governors Island two weekends ago. Take a look and then prepare for fashion week madness!

© Brandie Raasch 2010

© Brandie Raasch 2010

© Brandie Raasch 2010

© Brandie Raasch 2010

© Brandie Raasch 2010

© Brandie Raasch

You can check out additional images over at DossierJournal.com, for which I’ll also be shooting backstage and runway shows this season.


About Brandie

I'm a freelance photographer based in Paris.
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51 Responses to Jazz Age Lawn Party: Governors Island

  1. Very nice pics,

    i downloaded the last one,

    i liked it the most

  2. ajaychandrad says:

    good photos very very good

  3. imnotscared says:

    I wish something like this occured in my city.

  4. You have to love Jazz! these are great shots! Love the processing. Great job.

  5. Haribo says:

    Looks like SO much fun.. I am definitely jealous!

  6. Ritournelle says:

    Amazing pictures, amazing clothes!
    I’m starting to realize people in general are really into fashion history; I didn’t expect that, but I think it’s great. People dressed so much better before.

    • Brandie says:

      I was surprised by the incredible pieces everyone found to wear to the event! Everyone looked so amazing, it was almost like going back in time for the day.

  7. Sunflowerdiva says:

    Great photos! 🙂

  8. nicolesakr says:

    I love the one of the woman in yellow! Beautiful!

  9. almost shale says:

    Love the one of the couple in black and white!

    The placement of his hand, the movement of her dress, the expression on his face…
    you captured it so beautifully!

  10. CrystalSpins says:

    Ooooo…the baby is the best! Great photos!


  11. Jornal do Whisky says:

    Great blog tamplate! Very clean and beautiful! Inspires me to change mine. 💡

  12. Love this!!! I know it’s 2010, but it evokes another era. Thanks for posting, and congrats on being Freshly Pressed.

  13. elisajoy says:

    the first photo is perfect. you have the first couple who is the main focus and then another couple in the backround. The photo has layers. It is beautiful. great post!!!!

  14. Allison says:

    This must have been fun to shoot. I am a high school student in my third semester of photography and love it. I would really enjoy doing something like this. You’ve inspired me to go into a different age-create one, for a day. 😀 The first and last picture are my favorite. The composition is wonderful and they have a great mood.

    • Brandie says:

      Thanks Allison! I’m glad they’ve inspired you! Since you’re still in school something like this could be a fun project to try to put together.

  15. Great photos, what a fun event that must have been. Oh and congrats on getting freshly pressed!

  16. clairela says:

    amazing photos! You’ve really captured the souls of these lovely people! I love the girl in the yellow dress with the big smile. Goddamn, I miss NYC. A jazzy lawn party would do Vancouver some good…

  17. Abby says:

    what a fun party! I like the way your photos really capture the spirit of it 🙂

  18. barrycyrus says:

    lovely photos here! 🙂

  19. Kat Richter says:

    Gorgeous! Your photos just make all of those pretty dresses even prettier! I keep raiding my mom’s closet to support my serial dater habit 🙂

  20. Smile 🙂

  21. Brandie says:

    Thanks so much for all of your wonderful comments! Very excited to have been featured in freshly pressed! The Jazz Party was definitely a fun-filled day 🙂

  22. Wow. I love these but the first one is the best because it looks like it was taken in the 20’s!! Love your work.

  23. sayitinasong says:

    Great photos and looks like such a fun event. Especially the very first photo is stunning. You really think it was taken at the height of the jazz age…

  24. John Kolic says:

    Love the first photo. I’ll be visiting NYC in Oct. 8-24 to visit agencies and experience the cities. Any recommendations for great photo spots?

    • Brandie says:

      That’s great! There are definitely some great places for photos in the city. What exactly are you interested in shooting?

      • John Kolic says:

        I’d love to find an art gallery or event that might be happening. I’m open to most suggestions though. The hotspots are a must as well (times square, central park, empire state, yankee stadium, etc).

      • Brandie says:

        Chelsea has a lot of great art galleries and MoMa does free Friday nights which could make for interesting people watching. Too bad you won’t be here through 10/31, there’s a very entertaining Halloween parade every year.

  25. Evie Garone says:

    I LOVE fashion and the pics are GREAT!!! The baby is sooo cute!! Wish I could have been there in time & place! Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!


  26. I loved these! The one of the woman in the yellow and the young girl were my favorites. =]

  27. Caitlin says:

    Gorgeous. Kinda wish people still dressed like this. As long as we got to keep our hoodies.

  28. Elle says:

    I absolutely LOVE classic pics! Great job Brandie. I don’t know what it is about it… but reminds me of The Notebook.

    Nice job and congrats on freshly pressed!


  29. Alexia says:

    Le sigh. I wish I could take part in something like this.

  30. Julia says:

    These are beautiful pics! What kind of camera do you use?

  31. PhingPhing says:

    Wonderful ! This is a great story and good for my experience.Thank you for your sharing.

  32. Felice Forby says:

    wonderful! I love the style and color.

  33. sociosound says:

    Wow, very cool. I didn’t know parties like that existed. In New Orleans, we have lots of locals who just dress like that normally (fluxing between the jazz age dress and 50’s swing style), so it’s not abnormal for me to see.. but the photos you took came out lovely! Congrats on being freshly pressed!


  34. susha says:

    a time i missed. but i will make it back there… after all, it is a life ‘cycle’

  35. oghex says:

    Great Post..and great moments

  36. Marni Stone says:

    You gotta love a party with some style. Jazz Age parties are sure to be the new thing with the Premiere of ‘Boardwalk Empire’.

  37. flights to rhodes says:

    ahhhhhh very good, bookmarked 🙂 keep it up, JusyKassy. http://www.flightsrhodes.org

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