New York Through the Lens of Alfred Stieglitz

© Alfred Stieglitz via The Lens

The Lens posted information today about a fantastic new Alfred Stieglitz exhibit at the Seaport Museum. If any of you have spent some time researching or studying American photography, you have likely come across the work of Alfred Stieglitz.

The exhibit, open now through January 10, 2011, displays a collection of New York photographs by Stieglitz, such as the one pictured at left.

The Lens has a slideshow of additional photos you should check out if you’re unable to visit the exhibit in person, but if you are in the New York area, I would highly recommend it. Stieglitz was a great street photographer, and you have to respect the stunning quality of his images, especially considering the early photographic equipment that he was using at the time. The Lens also mentions that also on display are images which compare his original vs. retouched works, which I’m fairly intrigued by because of course, PhotoShop, which today makes retouching so easy, didn’t exist in Stieglitz’s time.

If you make it to the Seaport Museum let me know what you think of Stieglitz’s work.


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