Ikea Can Cook

By now many of you may be aware that Ikea recently released a cookbook, “Hembakat är Bäst,” filled with baking recipes. Interesting, but not especially unique you say? Au contraire mes amis. What makes this particular baking book unique is the food styling and photography. See for yourself:

Image via Today and Tomorrow

Shot by Carl Kleiner and styled by Evelina Bratell, the photographs that illustrate the ingredients for each recipe are by far the most unique take on food photography I think I’ve come across.

Image via Today and Tomorrow

I love the simplicity, the clean lines and orderly manner of the placement of each ingredient.

Image via Today and Tomorrow

The simple pastel colored backgrounds are nice as well. This is a cookbook I would definitely enjoy looking through. These are also photographs I could definitely see framing to display in a kitchen or even in a bakery.

I generally don’t shoot food myself, but I do love great food photography. It definitely takes a different sort of skill than fashion photography for example, and it’s great to see such a unique approach.


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I'm a freelance photographer based in Paris.
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1 Response to Ikea Can Cook

  1. J’adore
    très simple
    ordonner sans peser

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