Contest Time! Business Card Design

Earlier this week I mentioned that I would be having a little contest for a new business card design. There was a lot of looking online for inspiration and design options, reader submissions and my own ideas to think about, but I’ve narrowed it down to my five top choices.

The first two options were submitted by a reader, Jen Lau (thank you!).

  • A)
View Finder Business Card by Jennifer Lau

As she explained it, “when the area that’s cut is cut out, one can ‘frame’ a perfect picture.” Another option of this (also Jen’s idea) would be to have a film over the cut out section. I love the idea of incorporating a “view finder” kind of option, sort of like giving the receiver of the card the opportunity to compose a picture themselves. I also like the simplicity, the use of my colors and the update to the logo with the BR.




  • B)

Picture Yourself Business Card submitted by Jennifer Lau

A second idea submitted by Jen that I also liked incorporates “the notion when one takes a picture.” In this one, the circle portion would be cut out, and on the other side you have a “picture yourself” idea. This is of course just a mock-up and for my card I would use one of my own photos for this.


  • C)


An interesting idea I found online, option C would be a scratch-off business card. I would likely use a camera as the object scratched away to reveal contact details rather than the feather in this example, but you get the idea. While I think it’s a fun idea, a few concerns with this option are 1) the cost, creating these business cards my be at a much higher price point, 2) that it may be too gimmicky and not really focus on the photography aspect and 3) will people realize that you scratch it off?

  • D)

Fashion Photography design by yours truly.

My own design. I incorporated one of my fashion week photos and the idea of photographing with the camera in hand and here you also get a picture within a picture since I’ve repeated the image. Potentially this could be adjusted to either cut out completely or pin hole the view finder area of the camera. The back I’m a little iffy on, but I used a film border and put my contact information within the border. Minor tweaks can of course be made before anything is printed.





  • E)

By via

This last option I also discovered while internet-ing. It’s actually a design they did for another photographer. I think I would of course make some changes to suit my own needs and style, but the photo space would allow me to showcase some of my work where I would use fashion photos. I’m not entirely sure if I would keep the quote bubble shape or change it to perhaps a camera or something along those lines, but I like the idea that they have going on here, almost as if every face in each quote bubble is telling the receiver of the card to use this photographer.

So, there you have it, my top five choices. Now I leave it to you dear readers to decide the fate of my business cards for 2011!

UPDATE: Forgot to mention, the poll will be open for voting for one week, so get voting!

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I'm a freelance photographer based in Paris.
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5 Responses to Contest Time! Business Card Design

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  3. Mai says:

    I like A, B and D. I picked D because it’s the most personal for you. I think that C is a little too complicated for a business card – after all, you want people to be able to see your info immediately, instead of making them work for it. E is fun, but may be a tad bit gimmicky. That’s my two cents!

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