Shop and Change: Photo Manipulation

See what I did there? Shop and Change? Haha. A little twist on a Black Keys song. But, to the point of this post, a week or so ago I read an interesting little tidbit via PSFK. It seems a Dartmouth scientist is working on the development of digital forensics software that would essentially be able to identify a photoshopped image.


Image via TheCut

Now, I would venture to say that nearly every image…oh, wth, EVERY image, at least being used commercially, is most definitely photoshopped. However, magazines and the celebrities they feature on their covers often like to claim that no photoshopping was done on images, other than perhaps your basic color correction or what have you. So, it would certainly change the game a bit if software became available that you could simply run an image through and detect image manipulation. It would have made the controversy over this 2009 Demi Moore W Magazine cover easier to deal with. You may remember Moore even went so far as to Tweet this photo, claiming it to be the original to show she hadn’t been photoshopped. And let’s not even get into the horrendous photoshopping that goes on in various tabloid publications, placing celebs in locations they weren’t really at, etc.

Perhaps digital forensics software will be the only way the public can discern the truth about the images we see.

Full Disclaimer: I’m not against the use of Photoshop, and in fact use it frequently to touch up images, but I do think some take it too far when they see fit to not only retouch, but completely alter an image, changing a model’s body, etc. That certainly doesn’t send the right message to the public and young girls and women in particular.


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