Photography Trends: Pets and Other Furry Friends

I’ve talked about photography trends before, particularly in fashion photography. Of course, there are trends in other types of photography as well. Apparently a growing trend in architectural photography is adding a pet into the mix:




I can see how in the instance of architecture, if you’re going for sales, and particularly for homes, adding a pet to the scene could lend the appearance of it being more livable and homey. This is probably especially true of more modern home designs such as the above, which could look very stark and slightly unfriendly if you take the dogs out of the photo. People want to be able to picture themselves living in a home and adding pets just might be a great way make someone feel at home when looking at the photo.

I have to wonder, however, if certain trends such as this one, spill over into other types of photography, i.e. fashion. Has anyone else noticed the recent fascination of photographing celebrities in fashion editorials with lambs or other animals?


Amanda Seyfriend in April 2011 Elle US


Amanda Seyfriend is pictured in an April 2011 Elle US spread with lambs, rabbits, cats, a duck and a bird! And on the April 2011 cover of Elle Japan, Penelope Cruz is holding a lamb:

Penelope Cruz, April 2011 Elle Japan


Is this just something new Elle is trying out, or will it become a regular trend in fashion photography as it’s becoming in architectural photography?


[Trends in Fashion Photography]

[Architecture Bow Wow]

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