More On the Photographer in Front of the Lens

Last week I wrote a little about the photographer stepping behind the camera and assuming the role of subject. So, as promised, here are some additional images from my little photo shoot:

Image by Brooke Raasch

I did some extra editing on the above just for fun.

Image by Brooke Raasch

Image by Brooke Raasch

Wearing my Rodarte x Target collaboration outfit! Love it.

Image by Brooke Raasch

The above was actually one of my old dresses that I wore years ago to a high school dance, and I still love it. Simple black dress, but the one-shoulder style and open-back detail really make it great.

Image by Brooke Raasch

And a little extra editing on this one as well. Thought it would like nice in a slightly antique/vintage style with a brown vignette. I felt slightly creepy and sort of like an intruder going into the cemetery to photograph, as if I was disturbing the peace or something. But, I happen to love photographing cemeteries. I think they’re incredibly beautiful and endlessly fascinating, so many stories and people. I’ve been to two cemeteries in Paris, FR and they’re just amazing to see.


About Brandie

I'm a freelance photographer based in Paris.
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