The Portfolio

So, as we are in the digital age, as they say, I’ve been thinking about the use of the portfolio. More specifically, the use of the print portfolio.

I currently own a Pina Zangaro portfolio, which is great to have for prints and tearsheets, but I’m wondering how many photographers are really still showing their print portfolio anymore?


Photoshopped iPad via Google

Now that everyone most likely has a website, a Facebook page, a blog and maybe even a Flickr page where people can view their work, and can then take their iPad or tablet to show a potential client their work via all of these sources or even simply the files they have saved on it, does anyone still need to carry a portfolio full of actual prints?


Personally, I do still think it’s nice to see physical prints rather than just a digital image, but it is certainly much easier to show your work on a tablet. It cuts out the cost of printing, is easy to carry and a nice way to present your work. In my opinion, it is still probably a good idea, at least for now, to have a print version of your portfolio should a client ask for it, because there is always a chance you’ll meet someone old school who prefers to view prints, but I imagine the day will come when it will no longer be needed.

What say you readers? Print, digital, both?


About Brandie

I'm a freelance photographer based in Paris.
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