Environmental Portraiture + Contest Time!

When I was in college I spent some studying Photojournalism, as I believe I’ve mentioned, and one assignment was environmental portraiture. If I remember correctly, this was one that I did back then:

© Brandie Raasch

I always liked this photo. It has a nice line in the curve of the street and the horse drawn carriages lining it. Anyhow, I wanted to share with you a little contest that I entered, the PDN Faces Portrait Photography Contest. I’ve entered a series of 6 photos into the Environmental Portrait Series category, all shots from backstage during Spring/Summer 2011 and Fall/Winter 2011 fashion weeks. See my selections and also vote for them if you like for People’s Choice!

© Brandie Raasch

Vote for this photo here!

© Brandie Raasch

Vote for this photo here!

© Brandie Raasch

Vote for my third in the series here!

© Brandie Raasch

Almost done…vote here!

© Brandie Raasch

And you can vote for this one here

© Brandie Raasch

Last one, whew! Vote here 🙂

Shameless self-promotion, I KNOW. But, truly, I would appreciate votes from all of my fabulous readers out there!



About Brandie

I'm a freelance photographer based in Paris.
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