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As many of you probably (should) know, tomorrow is of course the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. So, in honor of the occasion I thought I would talk a bit about wedding photography. Now, I myself have never actually photographed a wedding so I’m certainly no expert here. The extent of my wedding photography is probably this candid shot that I captured of a couple getting some wedding photos done in Central Park:Wedding photography is certainly a unique side of the photo business with an entirely different set of details to work out, as opposed to say a fashion shoot. There should be a lot of discussion upfront with the client regarding their expectations for their wedding photographs, the type of shots they want, etc. It can be difficult to work with groups, and in some weddings, you may have a very large group to work with. You’ll need to decide on the best poses and locations for group shots and determine lighting depending on if you’ll be shooting indoor or outdoor or both. Will you be the only photographer or will you have a second shooter? Particularly at a large wedding, I would think you’d want to have at least a second shooter with you since you can’t possibly be everywhere at once.

It’s almost important to capture the happy day for the couple while also staying out of the way. The couple and their guests shouldn’t feel like the photographer is intruding, in fact some of the best wedding photographers are so good you’d hardly notice they were around at all.

When my mom got re-married a few years ago, I was so impressed with her photographer, Erlina Kim, who works with her husband shooting weddings. One of my mom’s favorite photos from that day we actually had framed as a Christmas gift this past year:

(That's me 2nd from the left.) Image © Erlina Kim

Personally I prefer the photojournalistic approach to wedding photography, nothing too posed and awkward. Erlina did such a fantastic job. Of course if you’ve been part of a wedding, you know how important the photos. That’s what you’ll have left to remember the day.

Another wedding photographer who I think does amazing work is Max Wanger. His use of light and his creative approach to the shots he takes are really fantastic. I recommend checking out his work.

The official wedding photographer for the royal wedding is Hugo Burnand. Though Burnand has photographed many celebrities and even members of the royal family before, I can’t imagine the pressure any photographer would feel given the scope of tomorrow’s royal wedding.



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