What’s Your Camera Setup?

Via the Defgrip Blog I came across a feature they’ve been doing asking a group of photographers one question, “what’s your camera setup?” All photographers approach their work differently, and of course it also depends on the type of photography they’re focused on. A landscape photographer will likely have a much different setup compared to a portrait photographer for example. Some still prefer to shoot film while others have fully embraced digital. It really just comes down to personal preferences when deciding what you like to shoot with.

Anyhow, I thought I’d share mine. I’m sure I’ve mentioned, but I currently shoot with a Nikon D2xs. I absolutely prefer Nikon cameras. I like the way the camera body feels…it’s somehow just comfortable to me. Odd perhaps, but try a few out and you’ll see you may have a preference as well. I’ve tried Canon’s before and I’ve just never felt that comfortable holding them.

My lens of choice lately has been my 50mm f1.4 prime. I used to use my 17-55mm lens a lot, but have found that I’ve been using prime lenses more frequently right now. I also really like to use my 85mm f1.8 prime if I need something longer.

I usually try to keep lighting as simple as possible and like to use natural light when outdoors whenever possible. That also means having to pay attention to the weather and time of day you’re shooting for the best light. On outdoor shoots sometimes I only add a reflector to complete my lighting setup.

Snapshot from the day, an odd little sea creature (not a turtle though it looks like one) seen on the beach.

I did a shoot yesterday at a beach in Far Rockaway and rented a 45mm PC-E f2.8 lens to test out a bit. I actually didn’t end up using it that much because I just didn’t have enough time to play with it, but I’m really interested in trying out the tilt-shift lenses some more. Hope to share some sneak peeks soon!


[Tilt-Shift Experiment #1]

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I'm a freelance photographer based in Paris.
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  2. Very interesting details you have noted, thanks for posting.

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