The Leica Lens

It should be no secret that Leica is pretty much the epitome of lenses. It may be hard to imagine someone saying this about camera equipment, but they are absolutely beautiful. So precise, Leica lenses are all handmade using the highest-quality in materials and technology in optics. Of course, their unmatched craftsmanship commands a very high price tag. So, I was amazed to find, via Engadget, that two discontinued Leica lenses, one of which was valued at $4,500, were cut in half! That’s right, IN HALF.


The lenses, split in two were then auctioned off on Ebay as “art” and at least one half sold for about $1,000. While it is certainly interesting to take a look at all of the layers that make it up, I can’t imagine ever rendering one of these lenses unusable, even for a student graduation project!


About Brandie

I'm a freelance photographer based in Paris.
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