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Ad campaigns for fashion brands can be quite interesting, and there is often a lot of intrigue even before they are revealed: who will be shooting?, who will be starring?, etc. They can even potentially create buzz and desire of specific pieces. While I can’t say for sure, you may remember a certain Miu Miu dress from the Fall/Winter 2010 campaign appearing on at least four different magazine covers. Coincidence? Perhaps. Sometimes they are leaked to the public before the campaign even hits, as most recently happened with the Marc Jacobs ads for Oh, Lola starring Dakota Fanning.

Anyhow, the latest ad reveal comes from Prada for their Fall/Winter 2011 menswear campaign and stars Tobey Maguire:

Photo via

I don’t think Maguire is known for his sartorial choices so it’s interesting that he was chosen for the brand considering the number of other fashionable stars out there (George Clooney anyone?). I do think he carries the looks featured in the campaign quite nicely however. Shot by David Simms, thus campaign does have a more intimate feel than typical fashion ad campaigns and I think I really like this approach.


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