Jennifer and Mike

Recently I decided to expand my little photography business. While I’ve been focusing on fashion, which I absolutely love, there are so many other opportunities to take great photos so I’ve decided to start doing more portraiture as well as couples (engagements, anniversaries, etc.) and perhaps even weddings and families. Even the best fashion photographers dive into other types of photography (perhaps you heard that Mario Testino is rumored to be photographing Kate Moss’ wedding?).Bonus, by doing this I also get to meet a lot of really awesome people!

So, first up, Jennifer and Mike. The shoot with Jenn and Mike was planned during a particularly rainy week in NYC. We had discussed our options the day of and after checking the weather pretty often throughout the day, it seemed the rain was going to hold off until close to 10pm. Well, we were wrong. We started out near the water on the New Jersey side, right off the Exchange Place stop to try to get some skyline shots in, but the sky was quickly growing dark and gray and the light was not so good. Shortly thereafter we felt a sprinkling of rain…and then it started to pour. Thinking we’d have to reschedule we decided to at least take a drive through Liberty State Park so that I, having not ventured into Jersey much, could get an idea of the setting. But what luck! Once we made it over there the rain had stopped, the sky had cleared and it was perfect out. Here’s a sneak peek of our shoot:

When we discussed locations Jenn had mentioned to me that there was an old train depot in the park and I loved the idea of shooting there. I wanted the shoot to feel natural and not too posed so I gave some direction but not too much. The four smaller shots above were an idea I had for them to pose as if they were in photo booth because they mentioned they love taking photo booth pictures, just having fun and being a little silly. I actually created a separate edit of those four that looks like a photo booth strip.

We did several different shots around the train depot and tracks.

The photo above is actually one of the first shots taken near the water, shortly before the downpour. It was great to meet both of them and I’m so glad I had the opportunity to shoot them. I hope you guys had fun!



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I'm a freelance photographer based in Paris.
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