Erika and Sean | Central Park

My shoot with Erika and Sean had originally been planned for a few weeks back, and unfortunately the day of the shoot the weather just wasn’t working in our favor so we decided to reschedule. So, last week we finally met for our shoot in Central Park. I got there about half an hour early to walk around a bit and scout the area to think about the ideas I’d had, and the weather had been beautiful all day, absolutely perfect for  getting out and taking some photos! Then, some very dark clouds started rolling in…which I initially thought would just pass by. I was very wrong. Only a few minutes after we’d begun our shoot it started pouring down rain. Luckily we were at Bethesda Fountain so everyone in the surrounding area, including us, ran for cover under the terrace. We waited it out and ended up getting in some great shots! Here is a little peek:While we waited under the terrace I decided we may as well turn the situation into a positive and not waste time so I got in the above shots.

Despite a short but strong rainstorm, it was so much fun meeting Erika and Sean and getting to shoot in Central Park with them! I hope you guys enjoy your photos.


About Brandie

I'm a freelance photographer based in Paris.
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