Keeping It Real (or Not)

There are many different categories that fashion photographs can fall into, whether you are creating an avant garde image or something very high-fashion and glamorous. I think two interesting choices are always fantasy vs. reality. To create an image of pure fantasy and imagine, or to create something very real. Certainly, there is perhaps always a slight element of fantasy, because the moment is being created, not happening spontaneously as is reality, it comes from a concept and has been planned. Certainly the clothing pictured is not always the reality for most either, and yet the stylist can make clothing choices that are more on par with reality if they so choose.

© Tim Walker

Tim Walker is an excellent example of a photographer who clearly prefers fantasy and imagination to reality. His images are stunningly beautiful, elaborate works and I love to look at them but they don’t create an image of the world as it is. Annie Leibovitz too, has also ventured into the realm of fantasy, but mainly in re-creating movie imagery as in her Disney portrait series:

© Annie Leibovitz

Do you prefer fantasy or reality?

Becker @ Red Model Management © Brandie Raasch



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I'm a freelance photographer based in Paris.
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