Print Vs. Digital: The Great Debate

I decided to share my thoughts, and hopefully open a discussion, on the debate of print vs. digital. I think many artists still feel validated when they finally see their work in print. Even I have to say, there is just something about seeing your work in a magazine, and being able to actually hold that magazine in your hands, turning the pages and really taking it in. Sometimes it seems with more developing technology, attention spans are increasingly shorter and we often only glance at things that we see and read online.

However, let’s say we introduce a Kindle or an iPad into the mix. Is that preferable to holding an actual printed copy in your hands? Certainly industry folks think it’s an important outlet to pursue as more publications continue to utilize apps and online formats. The cost to produce a print publication is also higher than digital and we already saw the demise of several publications in the last few years.

Personally, I still prefer to hold a paperback or magazine in my hands if I actually want to read it, but I definitely go online for a lot of content as well, particularly if I’m only interested in one article or spread.And while we’re on the topic, I got my print copy of Reverie Magazine in the mail yesterday! That’s the first two pages of my spread on the right. Apologies for the not-so-great photos, I took these two shots in a mirror trying to hold the magazine in one hand and my phone in the other to snap them.



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I'm a freelance photographer based in Paris.
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1 Response to Print Vs. Digital: The Great Debate

  1. astrawally says:

    For me it is always going to a toughie, although I do think there is nothing like the feeling of success when you hold a hard copy of your work, that feeling won’t ever get replaced no matter how digital the world becomes.

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