Getting Down to Business: Portraits

It’s more common now than I think ever before for professionals to need a business portrait. With everyone on sites such as LinkedIn as well as their company website, it’s important to look like the professional that you are, as opposed to Facebook or other social networking sites where a profile photo may show a little more personality and potentially present an image that isn’t very business-like. Here are a few examples that I shot back in July:Though a lot of business portraits are in color, I decided to try out black and white as well. While many business portraits don’t really show much of what you’re wearing, they show enough that you should be sure to dress appropriately, just as you would for work. Some people prefer to show themselves smiling and some prefer to present themselves as  more serious, but it’s a good idea to try both to have options.

I shot these against a basic backdrop and fairly standard lighting, not trying to get too creative with interesting shadows or mood. Depending on what kind of profession you’re in you could certainly opt for something with more creative lighting and try to create a specific look, and you could also choose a setting outside a studio, perhaps with some architecture or something just slightly in the background.


About Brandie

I'm a freelance photographer based in Paris.
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