6 Ideas for Showing Off Your Portraits

So you booked a photo session and it was fantastic, of course, and now you have some amazing photos to show off! Here are 6 great ideas for displaying your photos for all the world (or, you know, just your family and friends) to see.

1. Create a photo book! Photo books are a fun way for people to flip through and see tons of your photos. It’s also incredibly easy to make one via sites such as Pinhole Press. You can custom design a book for your home as a coffee table book or even as a gift (send Mom and Dad all those fabulous engagement and wedding shots).

2. Blow them up! If there’s one shot in particular that you just LOVE, why not blow it up poster-size and display it prominently in your home? It can work well as a statement piece on a wall or hanging above a sofa or fireplace. For a more artsy look, you could go for a black and white photo in a black frame and white or off-white matting. It will look awesome, trust me.

3. Go frame-less! Instead, opt to have your photos printed on canvas and stretched. Usually referred to as “gallery wraps” there are many online sites for ordering just that such as Adorama. I can’t confirm the quality since I’ve never ordered a gallery wrap from them, but do some research to find an online source that meets your budget and quality needs to try to ensure you’ll be happy with the result.

4. Photo collage! When you can’t choose just one favorite photo, have prints made in varying sizes, frame them and hang them on a wall to create a photo collage. You could go for a uniform look with all black and white photos and black frames or create a fun, creative look by varying the style and color of your frames.

5. Make a photo screen! You could buy one already made like this, or get a room divider screen and make your own. Keep it as is or cover it was fabric, then criss-cross ribbon or string on each panel, pinning them in place at each cross-point and use them to hold your photos. When I was younger I actually did this on my closet doors.

© Brandie Raasch

6. Display them as a photo series! If the photographer captured a series of movements or expressions, then display them together. They’ll great as a series and the movement can really add life to the display.

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