Paris by Night

Going on my second week in Paris, there is still much I feel I need to do. Of course, I couldn’t let too much time pass before I got in a few shots. I’m going to continue this series “Paris by Night” as I continue to explore the city:

© Brandie Raasch

There have been a few rainy evenings here so far but it can still make for a nice photo.

© Brandie Raasch

I kind of like focusing on the unexpected sometimes, in this case the rain drops rather than the shops below (taken from my terrasse).

© Brandie Raasch

I’m planning to keep the series mostly in black and white because I think it lends itself nicely to the nighttime photos, creating a stronger contrast and gives things a different mood.

© Brandie Raasch

Would love to hear what you think as always! And don’t forget, if you or anyone know will be traveling to Paris and is interested in setting up a destination shoot, please have them get in touch with me at! Just a note, in addition to doing engagements, weddings and portrait work I am also doing model shoots and can create comp cards for you if desired, so please inquire if interested!




About Brandie

I'm a freelance photographer based in Paris.
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