Paris Fashion Week Recap | On the Street

I thought for today’s fashion week recap I’d give you all a little street-style action, the fashion industry folks:Anna Dello Russo, Editor at Large, Vogue JapanHamish Bowles, European Editor at Large, VogueKate Lanphear, Senior Style Director, ElleAnna Wintour, EIC, Vogue USInès de La Fressange, model, stylist, Karl Lagerfeld muse

So, I will say it was extremely difficult to try to get a shot of Anna Wintour, she moves fast! Don’t worry, I know street-style isn’t only about fashion industry insiders but since I shot them, I wanted to share. I will do a follow up recap post with some non-editor photos for you all.


About Brandie

I'm a freelance photographer based in Paris.
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