Photo Shoot | Ksenia @ Major Paris

As promised, here are photos from a recent shoot I did for Major Paris with Ksenia. They were looking for something chic. What do you think? Is this chic enough?The makeup artist, Andrea Marisa, did a winged eye and a bold lip. Other than that the look was very simple, no heavy liner or shadow, just a really beautiful look for the model.I really wanted to something with color this time. So often I stick to neutral shades, I guess that’s what I’m often drawn to in my personal style and it reflects in the style and clothing I often shoot. But, I thought it was time to branch out and have a little fun.Did you know, it’s surprisingly hard to find colorful clothing in Fall/Winter? It makes sense of course, the color palette for the season is more in line with the weather, changing leaves and gray winter days. There are, however, pieces to be found! Making it slightly more difficult was the fact that I really didn’t want to repeat a color. I really would have loved to have a vibrant, kelly green in there, but nothing was to be found.Our model, Ksenia, is from Russia and has a gorgeous face. Absolutely beautiful and I think the makeup looked great on her.

So I had been planning a slightly different shoot, set in Place Vendôme where there was a really interesting looking mirror cube installation by artist Arnaud Lapierre. As it turned out, the installation was no longer there and worse, there was construction right in the center. Not a very pretty background for my photos. Since it wasn’t far away, we opted to shoot in the Jardin des Tuileries instead which always makes for nice photo ops.



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I'm a freelance photographer based in Paris.
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3 Responses to Photo Shoot | Ksenia @ Major Paris

  1. chameleonic says:

    she’s beautiful! great shoot!

  2. africasiaeuro says:

    absolutely beautiful

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