Holiday Windows at Printemps | Inspired by Chanel

I know a number of photos have already circulated the interwebs regarding various holiday window displays. The many department stores in NYC are famous for their detailed holiday displays, but as I’m in Paris for the holiday season this year, it has been my first opportunity to see what the various stores here have to offer. So, up first I wanted to share with you a few photos of the windows at Printemps, one of the large department stores in Paris that is displaying full-on Chanel mania:Their windows feature pieces from different Chanel collections inspired by different parts of the world, sort of an around the world trip via Chanel. Of course, mixed in is a little Karl too:Karl puppets! Also demonstrating for all that he can, in fact, do everything imaginable.Oh, my darling NYC…Possibly hinting that, as Rodarte did for The Black Swan, Chanel should be tapped to design some ballet costumes.Every window is incredibly detailed and it’s pretty amazing to see so many fantastic Chanel pieces together.I give them points because, well, who can argue with Chanel? Though I like it when the window displays this time of year are a bit more festive and filled with holiday spirit as opposed to just showing off awesome fashion.

Do you have a favorite holiday window display so far?


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I'm a freelance photographer based in Paris.
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4 Responses to Holiday Windows at Printemps | Inspired by Chanel

  1. fab pics!!! such fun!! I haven’t seen the NY store displays as yet – have you any you’d like to see? I can always go snap some photos 🙂

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