Friday Photo Inspiration | Things I Like: Photo Collages

I’ve always loved photo collages, creating them or discovering them randomly. I came across this NYC photo collage on the side of a building on a street here in Paris near the Marché des Enfants Rouge:Ttitled, “Blank Forms in the City.” It was a great little discovery for me and a nice reminder of scenes from New York. In the same area I discovered a small but very cool photography shop selling portrait prints, old cameras including a selection of Polaroid cameras, as well as bins filled with completely random, old Polaroid photos and postcards.I absolutely love looking through old photos, whether mine or not. I probably could have stood there much longer than I did sifting through all of them, sold for 1 euro each.

When I was living in NYC I had tried to create sort of a photo collage of framed photos on one wall. Most of them were my own images, but I think you could create a really interesting photo collage to display some of these old Polaroids. Although I have no idea who the people are who are pictured in them, they would certainly be unique.

Anyhow, just about a week to go before Christmas! Since I’ll be staying here in Paris I will most likely be walking around the Christmas markets, drinking vin chaud and enjoying everything this city has to offer around the holidays.


About Brandie

I'm a freelance photographer based in Paris.
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