Noël à Paris | Jours de Fêtes

As we continue to count down the days until Christmas and the New Year, I wanted to share some photos from my walks around the city during the holiday season. Recently I went to check out Jours de Fêtes which takes place inside Grand Palais from December 15th through January 2nd. Basically what you have here is a carnival set up inside a space that is often used for special exhibits and galleries. Complete with a Ferris wheel, games. churros and other assorted fried doughs and a champagne bar for the adults, Bar à Bulles, it’s actually quite fun, if a little pricey at 15 euros.The “Air Swing.”Ferris wheel! I took so many photos of this thing trying to get different angles.I think the only thing missing from the event is possibly a roller coaster, they seem to have everything else pretty much covered.

The “Fly Zone.” This is one of those things that swings back and forth until it gains enough momentum and goes all the way around, turning everyone upside down.

Practicing for your 007 audition.A little something for the adults.Crazy Mouse is in the background, I suppose the closest thing to some sort of a roller coaster-type ride.Decided to throw in a few more Ferris wheel photos for good measure.Finally, a view of Grand Palais.

Hope the week is going by quickly for everyone!


About Brandie

I'm a freelance photographer based in Paris.
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5 Responses to Noël à Paris | Jours de Fêtes

  1. ashleypaige4 says:

    These photos are amazing! I love the interesting angles of the ferris wheel! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Blue Line says:

    brandie, you can take pictures for me lol

  3. fantastic photos (as usual!) I love the angles you took of the ferris wheel against that stunning glass roof. And the dodgem cars in photo 3. So cool – the colours are great! Lastly, how cool is that hedge plant, in the shape of a Perrier bottle?!

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