Friday Photo Inspiration | La Tour Eiffel, J’adore

In yesterday’s post I mentioned that I had taken some additional shots around the Eiffel Tower but didn’t include them because they weren’t holiday related. However, at the request of a reader 🙂 I decided to post some for today’s inspiration.This is the view of the tower from Trocadéro. No matter how many times I end up in the area I always seem to have to stop and take a million photos of la Tour Eiffel.There are various statues around Trocadéro so I was trying out different points of view to incorporate them along with the tower.There are also a lot of trees around that I often like to try to shoot through to create a sort of frame around the tower.A much closer view, almost under the tower. I really wanted a wider shot of this but didn’t have a wide enough angle lens with me at the time so I will have to return for the perfect shot!The area directly surrounding the tower called the Champ-de-Mars is a park space open to the public where people often have picnics and hang out when the weather is nice. The above is a bit further from the tower on the opposite end.For a while now I’ve had this idea of wanting to take a photo of the reflection of the tower in water. At this end of the lawn there are two, what I will call “reflecting pools” because I’m not sure what purpose they really serve. So I walked over intending to shoot with those in mind, however I discovered that the water has been drained from them. Unfortunate find but I improvised and shot in a large puddle of water that had formed nearby.Close up of the reflection, you can see the wind was blowing a bit causing some small ripples to form.This one I shot a few weeks ago or maybe a bit more. I hope I didn’t already post it, I didn’t see that I had so just another look.I’m hoping to do some more night photos as well around Paris and of course of la Tour Eiffel.

So, there you have it. A brief selection of Eiffel Tower photos. Not to worry, I will have more to share eventually!

Bon week-end!


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I'm a freelance photographer based in Paris.
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2 Responses to Friday Photo Inspiration | La Tour Eiffel, J’adore

  1. These are beautiful shots, especially the reflection ones. I also like the streetscape and the park images. Lovely!!

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