On the Street | Denim Jumpsuit, Paris Fashion Week FW12

Part of what I love about shooting street style during fashion weeks is the sheer number of fantastic looks people come up with. I think we all get ourselves into a place now and then when we’re lacking in wardrobe inspiration and it seems easier to throw on jeans and whatever respectable looking top you have left that isn’t piled up in your laundry (side note: yay for finally having a washer in my apartment!). Once I’m out and about shooting during fashion week, I always get a renewed interest in my own wardrobe and the looks I can create after seeing how amazing everyone around me looks. For example, this girl who I shot outside the Louis Vuitton FW12 show:Her look is simple but I think she looks great. The jumpsuit has a casual, almost work uniform aesthetic to it I think with the oversized front pockets and I think the fur vest adds a nice touch without dressing it up too much. I’ve not tried a jumpsuit out myself but for a shorts and tank version by Sunner, but this makes me want to try one out.


About Brandie

I'm a freelance photographer based in Paris.
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1 Response to On the Street | Denim Jumpsuit, Paris Fashion Week FW12

  1. ughhh she looks amazing! fabulous ensemble 🙂

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