Beauty Inspiration | Manish Arora FW12 vs. The Hunger Games

So I admit it, I caved and read “The Hunger Games” trilogy and finally saw the movie. There is certainly a lot that can be said about the costume design for the film considering how the citizens who live in The Capitol are described in the books. You know the characters, Effie Trinket, Cinna, Caesar Flickerman, etc. with their brightly colored wigs, tattoos, glittery, dyed skin and sometimes clownish makeup. Entertaining as it was, what really struck me were the similarities in the makeup artistry of the film compared to the Manish Arora Fall/Winter 2012 show.Photo: Backstage at Manish Arora FW12 © Brandie Raasch for DossierJournal.comImage via Google

The most striking resemblance to me initially was the use of those false eyelashes which are certainly unforgettable. In fact those that I saw on the character of Katniss Everdeen (portrayed in the film by Jennifer Lawrence) were even more similar, possibly the same even, as in the photo above that I shot backstage at Manish Arora. The use of color on the eyes and the lips is interesting as well when comparing the makeup looks from the show vs. the film.

What do you think of the two looks? Do you find yourself using film or runway looks for more beauty inspiration?


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