In Art | Daniel Buren: Monumenta 2012, Paris

Living in a city like Paris or New York (and so many others of course), there are numerous opportunities to check out some really fantastic (or not so fantastic depending on your taste) art in exhibits. I am of the opinion that, even if I wasn’t completely blown away by an exhibit, I’m always glad that I saw it because it can only add to my knowledge and may very well help to shape my views on things later.

Most recently I went to see Monumenta 2012, an exhibit at the Grand Palais where a different artist each year (since 2007) is invited to create a work, on a very large scale I might add, to be displayed in the Nef du Grand Palais. This year, artist Daniel Buren was chosen and installed his work, Excentrique(s) Travail In Situ. And wouldn’t you know it? I took some photos to share with you:It’s really interesting and makes for some great photo opps so if you happen to be in Paris between now and June 21st definitely stop by.


About Brandie

I'm a freelance photographer based in Paris.
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