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Part of what makes blogging so great is that gives us all our own platform to communicate, to share our ideas and interests and create connections in doing so.

Many of you I have probably met while out shooting my street style shots and hopefully I will get to know some of you better through a new kind of post I’m introducing today. My hope is that soon, I will be able to offer something similar to other small business owners, whether they are designers or not.

First up I’d like to introduce Lillian of Lillian Shalom Jewelry, a California based jewelry designer.All Photos © Brandie Raasch, Jewelry by Lillian Shalom Jewelry

Lillian started designing jewelry professionally in 2009 and created her own line, Lillian Shalom, in 2011. She says, “I have always been a collector/creator of beautiful objects and images. Whether be it creating a piece of jewelry insects or playing music. Always experimental in the arts, I studied painting in college and received my BFA from Otis College of Art and Design.”

On where she finds her inspiration, Lillian says she is inspired by everything around her, “I’m always looking at objects and altering them in my mind into a piece of jewelry. I’m also heavily inspired by the music I listen to and have created pieces based on songs and their lyrics.”

She describes her personal style as, “Rock’n Roll with a touch of glam and a dash of high fashion.” Her jewelry designs are a product of her and her lifestyle. She says, “I incorporate other worldly elements of mythology and wrap it up with a rock’n roll twist.”

Some of her favorite designers include Galliano, Gaultier and McQueen, who she says, “are inspirational to me not only as designers but as storytellers.”

When it comes to her own designs, she recalls a favorite from her first collection, Khepri (Beetle Ring). “I love the fact that set in the ring is an actual preserved beetle. The scarab beetle holds a really beautiful meaning in Egyptian mythology and I love that I have that history and energy when I wear the piece.”

For those of you interested in breaking into jewelry design, Lillian says she received this bit of advice from a professional jeweler when she first wanted to get involved in jewelry, “there is a difference between an artist and a jeweler. Learn how to be a f**in jeweler, then come back.” She says when getting involved in any business, “one should really do their homework in the field and truly understand what they are getting involved in.”

It was so much fun doing this shoot with Lillian and I wish her great success in her design career!

If you are interested in putting together a shoot for your brand, please contact me at


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3 Responses to Talking About | Lillian of Lillian Shalom Jewelry

  1. sofia says:

    wonderful pictures i love the yellow dress!

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