Friday Photo Inspiration | Hampi, India

Just a few photos out of the many I shot in Hampi:_KEN0368-1LowRes_KEN0382-DoubleBehind the cows in the photo above are the cottages of the guest house that I stayed in while visiting Hampi._KEN0430-Double_KEN0456-1LowRes_KEN0471-1LowResHampi is a world heritage site and is also a famous bouldering location. I didn’t attempt any climbing but the landscape is definitely ideal for it._KEN0014-DoubleThere are countless temples and ruins to visit and I spent half a day on the Hampi Bazaar side touring them._KEN0055-1LowRes_KEN0039-1LowRes_KEN0083-DoubleNot sure how old this little girl is exactly but I thought her sari was so pretty!_KEN0095-Double_KEN0196-1LowRes_KEN0152-1LowRes_KEN0215-1LowResI was actually staying on the side opposite Hampi Bazaar (shown here) across the river._KEN0236-1LowRes_KEN0247-1LowRes

All photos © Brandie Raasch

Hampi isn’t the easiest location to get to, there being no airport to fly into. However, if you don’t mind spending an overnight trip on a bus it’s definitely an interesting stop on a trip to India and is well known among most backpackers.

Bon week-end!


About Brandie

I'm a freelance photographer based in Paris.
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1 Response to Friday Photo Inspiration | Hampi, India

  1. champagne says:

    I love your India shots and I am so into your fashion shots! Great work! My muse is Rome but you make me miss Paris.

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